Diagnostics/Bench Fee: Diagnose a PC or parts to find the problem


Malaware: Virus and Spyware  Removal and Cleanup Simple Case (Tech Shack Discretion)
Complex Case (Tech Shack Discretion)

$75.00 *

Hard Drive Cloning: Clone a hard drive to another


Data Backup: Backup/Transfer select files to another hard drive


Data Backup to optical: Backup data to CD/DVD, per optical disk (in addition to backup)


Data Backup and Restore: Backup/Transfer data to a temp location then Restore


Data Import and Setup: Specific files, e-mail, favorites, cookies (in addition to backup)


Data Recovery:  Successful/Failed


Windows Installation/Repair Includes Drivers & Windows Updates


Update Windows: Download and Install Windows Updates and Service Packs


Driver Download & Installation: Per Driver (unless other problem occurs)


Software Installation: Per application


Memory Installation: Includes testing


CPU Installation: CPU and/or CPU Fan installation


Power Supply Replacement: Case power supply replacement


Drive Installation: fee is per drive Floppy, CD-ROM , Hard Drive (No O/S), CD-RW,  DVD-R, DVD-RW


Card Installation:  fee is per card Modem/Sound/Video/Network


Drive installation in an External Enclosure: Includes installation and formatting


Motherboard Installation: No extra charge for CPU, memory, video card that are also being installed Motherboard replacement (No configuration)
Motherboard replacement, including configuration/setup



PC Assembly: (Hardware only, no software or O/S work)


Insurance Damage Assessment: Can only be performed in-store


In Store Rush Fee: Priority service


In Store Desktop Labor Rates: Billed in 20 min. increments


* Diagnostics/Bench Fee applies to ALL jobs in addition to posted prices and is NOT waivable. Parts and labor charges are NOT included in the above listed prices.

Effective 1 November 2010
The Tech Shack began as the dream of two guys who wanted to do something meaningful for the community by utilizing their technical knowledge and experience with computers as an opportunity to provide a needed service.

Steve Hamilton

From Beaufort, NC and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from East Carolina University, and has been working in the IT field for more than 25 years.

Ron Silver

Originally from Charleston, SC and has worked in the IT field for more than 15 years.

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